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MedPacto Inc. is a company to improve the human health. MedPacto is a spin-off company from Theragen Etex Co. and its Board of Directors has rich experiences not only in industry but also in academia. MedPacto is also supported by world-class advisory board of scientists and clinicians for anti-cancer drug development.
The company focuses on the development of anti-cancer drugs. MedPacto has two small molecules under the preclinical development for oncology therapeutics. One of them, TEW-7197, is an inhibitor of ALK-5 to block signal transduction by TGF-b and is the most advanced one in MedPacto’s development pipeline. TEW-7197 will be in clinical phase 1 on April, 2014. Another is TEW-0201 is an inhibitor of BRAF and c-RAF and showed an excellent efficacy in preclinical animal models. Read More →

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The office of Medpacto, I..

 (주)메드팩토의 사무실(기존 경기알앤디비센터 320호)과 연구소(기존 경기바이오센터 1층)의 이전이 2016년  9월 7일에 이루어졌습니다.  이전 후 사업장의 위치는 다음과 같습니다.   Read More →

Temporary meeting of the ..

임시주주총회 소집 공고 주주님의 건승과 댁내의 평안을 기원합니다. 당사는 상법 제 363조와 정관 제 21조에 의거하여 임시주주총회를 아래와 같이 소집하오니 참석하여 주시기 바랍니다. - 아   래 Read More →

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