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Medpacto Inc.

MedPacto Inc. is a company to improve the human health. MedPacto is a spin-off company from Theragen Etex Co. and its Board of Directors has rich experiences not only in industry but also in academia. MedPacto is also supported by world-class advisory board of scientists and clinicians for anti-cancer drug development.

The company focuses on the development of anti-cancer drugs. MedPacto has two small molecules under the preclinical development for oncology therapeutics. One of them, TEW-7197, is an inhibitor of ALK-5 to block signal transduction by TGF-b and is the most advanced one in MedPacto’s development pipeline. TEW-7197 will be in clinical phase 1 on April, 2014. Another is TEW-0201 is an inhibitor of BRAF and c-RAF and showed an excellent efficacy in preclinical animal models.

In addition to the anti-cancer drug development MedPacto is developing an angiogenesis-promoting protein, DKK2. It has been demonstrated that DKK2 promoted the formation of blood vessels and quality of the blood vessels is better than those by VEGF. DKK2 will be developed to cure ulcer or neuropathy caused by diabetes.