Completion of the second cohort of TEW-7197 and SMC decided to escalate to the next dose.

Jan 20, 2015EVENTSHit 4037

On 20th of Jan. 2015 (19th in USA) SMC reviewed safety of the second cohort (60 mg) of TEW-7197 (NCT02160106) and did not find any serious drug-related toxicity. The committee recommended a dose escalation to the next level (100 mg). Three clinical sites in the USA started recruitment of patients with solid tumor for the third cohort.

*About TEW-7197
TEW-7197, an inhibtor of ALK5 (TGF-beta receptor 1), is a small molecule for oral formulation. It blocks TGF-beta signaling efficiently and showed an excellent profile of safety and potency in non-clincal studies. It has a potential for the best-in-class oncology drug in its class. The development of TEW-7197 was supported by Program for Disease-based Discovery of Global New Drug Candidates and its clinical development is supported by National OncoVenture (NOV), National Cancer Center, Korea.

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