MedPacto gets an approval of IND for TEW-7197 from US FDA

May 19, 2014EVENTSHit 1990

MedPacto has got an approval of IND for phase 1 clinical trials with patients of solid tumor from US FDA on 24th of April, 2014. MedPacto is in the preparation of a phase 1 clinical trial in 3 different sites in the USA and expects to start the first dosing of TEW-7197 in a cancer patient coming June. TEW-7197 had been invented and developed by Ewha Womans University with a government support of the Program for Disease-Based Discovery of Global New Drug Candidates. TEW-7197 had been in-licensed to MedPacto, Inc. in July of 2013 through Theragen Etex Co. and its clinical development for oncology therapeutics is supporting by National OncoVenture, National Cancer Center in Korea.

TEW-7197 inhibits metastasis of cancer cells, enhances the anti-cancer immune system, and suppresses the cancer stem cells. MedPacto will develop it as an anticancer drug in many indications including melanoma, breast cancer, and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). TEW-7197 is a strong candidate for the best-in-class drug of ALK5 inhibitor.

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