The first dosing of TEW-7197 in a cancer patient in the USA

Aug 05, 2014EVENTSHit 1709

 MedPacto, Inc. has finished the first dosing of TEW-7197 in human on 4th of August, 2014 in Nashville, USA. (NCT02160106) TEW-7197 is the forefront asset of Medpacto's oncology pipeline and it is for cancer patients of solid tumors. The phase I trial is planned to be completed in April of 2016 and its interim analysis after a phase of dose escalation is expected to be conducted in the middle of 2015.

About TEW-7197
 TEW-7197 is an inhibitor of ALK5 (TGF-beta receptor 1) which is a small molecule for oral formulation. It blocks TGF-beta signaling efficiently and it showed an excellent profile of safety and potency in non-clinical studies. It has a potential for the best-in-class oncology drug in its class. The development of TEW-7197 was supported by Program for Disease-Based Discovery of Global New Drug Candidates and its clinical development is supported by National OncoVenture (NOV), National Cancer Center, Korea.

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