메드팩토와 국립암센터 항암신약개발사업단(NOV), ALK5 저해제 TEW-7197 로 미국 FDA 에 IND 신청

Apr 03, 2014EVENTSHit 1767

On March 25th 2014, Medpacto, Inc. and OncoVenture (NOV, Director: Dr. In-Chul Kim) have submitted an investigational new drug (IND) application to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its TEW-7197, an oral ALK5 inhibitor targeting solid tumor indications. MedPacto, Inc. a spun-off company from Theragen Etex Co to focus on developing TEW-7197. TEW-7197 had been supported by the Program for Disease-Based Discovery of Global New Drug Candidates.
Once TEW-7197 gets an IND Approval, MedPacto, Inc./NOV will initiate a Phase I clinical study for the patients with solid tumors at three different clinical sites in the United States. Covance is the clinical CRO to help the clinical development of TEW-7197. Through the clinical development, MedPacto Inc. in collaboration with NOV will increase the value of this compound, which will be out-licensed to other pharmaceutical companies.

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