TEW-7197 첫 용량 투여에서 안전성 확인, 용량증대 결정

Oct 21, 2015EVENTSHit 1800

On 14th of Oct. 2014 (13th in USA) SMC reviewed safety of the first cohort of TEW-7197 (NCT02160106) and did not find any drug-related toxicity. The committee recommended a dose escalation to the next level. Three clinical sites in the USA started recruitment of patients with solid tumor for the second cohort.

*About TEW-7197
TEW-7197, an inhibtor of ALK5 (TGF-beta receptor 1), is a small molecule for oral formulation. It blocks TGF-beta signaling efficiently and showed an excellent profile of safety and potency in non-clincal studies. It has a potential for the best-in-class oncology drug in its class. The development of TEW-7197 was supported by Program for Disease-based Discovery of Global New Durg Candidates and its clinical development is supported by National OncoVenture (NOV), National Cancer Center, Korea.

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