Brand Logo

Color system

This color system is an important visual element for MedPacto, therefore it should be used according to the following guidelines. If a solid color makes a different expression on the primary color or is impossible, it must be used and correctly expressed in accordance with the Brand Identity Use Guidelines. Play - ing should in principle be based on the computer output method based on the data from this regulation, and if necessary, the photogravure. It has to be used.

Brand Identity Use Guidelines

MedPacto’s Brand Identity (BI) provides the foundation for strengthening and enhancing the impact of communication efforts. Design environments always change in a fluid manner, therefore the best BI should be able to accommodate these changes. MedPacto’s design system is designed to flexibly cope with the changing environment.

The following guidelines vary according to their relative size, proportions and location, and are intended to take into account the functional and visual trade-offs, making it simple to adhere to the standards and guidelines of the design. Since this BI is not fully applicable to all special cases, you should contact us for any questions about how to use it.

Color Palette Use Guidelines

This color palette is an important visual element in MedPacto’s brand identity (BI) therefore the following guideline must be adhered. Monochromatic colors are used when the color of the main color is different or impossible, and must be expressed accurately by regulated usage. When reproducing, the digital color scheme should be used as a default, but in the cases that this is not applicable, use the print color scheme.

Main Color: 293 U / Supplementary Color : 165 U / Base Colors: Warm Gray U & 721 U