Biomaker-based Drug
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Genome-based drug development
to overcome the limitations of existing anticancer drugs.

Through Biomarker-based Drug Development
We realize precision medicine.

Modulating Tumor Microenvironment
to improve the tumor-killing potency.

We are developing Innovative Treatment
for metabolic diseases and bone joint disease.

Vision & Mission

Biomaker-based Drug


To contribute to humanity by developing innovative and
personalized therapies


To help all patients suffering from incurable diseases live
disease-free and healthy lives
  • Passion

    Transforming novel targets to innovative solutions for our patients

  • Scientific excellence

    Conducting ethically sound and transparent research & development Forming a strong team of industry experts

  • Mutual Collaboration

    Committed to improving the lives of patients Working together for shared benefits


Based on excellent technology, we discover and develop customized treatments for each patient.

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